A Dilated pore also known as a dilated pore of Winer (DP). Why it occurs to some is not clearly understood. They present as a visible hole in the skin, generally on the temple or forehead. They occur in both sexes (male and female) but is more common in men than women. They look unsightly but it is only visible on very close observation. They do not produce any discharge or bleeding. They are a painless condition and they tend to be completely harmless but people, who suffer from this condition, are generally affected mentally and therefore they seek treatment to get rid of this. 

Although this condition does not need to be treated for medical reasons, but it can be treated for cosmetic reasons. The majority of the people whom dilated pore occurs to are over the age of 40. Very rarely is this condition seen to occur in those as young as 20. 

The diagnosis of this condition is often a simple clinical examination and any test including histology (biopsy) is not generally required but can be arranged if the diagnosis is unclear. Although they appear as solitary lesions, but they can also be more than one lesion in the same individuals face. There is no medicine, cream or lotion to cure this condition. 

There are various options available to treat Dilated pore of Winer. But, there is always risk of scarring or slight pigmentation at the site of treatment. Treatment options are: surgical excision of the lesion by a small elliptical incision, punch biopsy using a fine 2 mm punch. Ablative treatments such as electro cautery, laser, cryotherapy and dermabrasion are all 2nd line treatments and these treatment modalities sounds attractive to patients but  are actually less rewarding for the patients in general. 

We frequently see patients from various cities including Coventry, Birmingham, Leicester, Northampton, Wolverhampton, Gloucester, Worcester, Cheltenham, Oxford, and Banbury. 

If you suffer from this condition, we would advise you to seek help locally via your local GP or a dermatologist. However, should you not succeed in this matter and wish for alternative approach, you can always contact Renew Skin & Health Clinic, located on 18 Guy Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 4RT. You can also contact us directly on call skin specialist uk 01926 422 454, and our lines are open from 9AM to 9PM. Please be aware that there are consultation fees of £100.00 and the precise cost of the treatment will be discussed at this consultation, based on one’s individual case.