Skin tags can occur anywhere on the body surface, but this article focuses on their presence on the eyelids. These eyelid skin tags are small, harmless protruding bits of skin.

Generally skin tags typically appear in places where there is clothes-to-skin and skin-on-skin contact or friction mainly the arms, neck, chest. They are soft and usually light brown or skin-coloured. Their medical term is “arochordon” or skin papilloma. Skin tags develop in around 25% of the world population, and are related to a range of medical conditions like diabetes, obesity and pregnancy. In rare cases however, they can also be linked to certain serious illnesses such as Crohn’s disease. In addition, their appearance and size  increases as one ages, therefore they are very rarely found in children.

There is not a specific cause for these unwelcome visitors, but they do appear to affect one’s confidence thereby causing a fluctuation in one’s self-esteem. This particularly is the case if one has large skin tags on the eyelids for example. However, these skin tags can be removed via a cosmetic procedure here at our Renew Skin & Health clinic, and this can be done in a professional and pain-free manner and our chosen method is laser which in turn, gives the most pleasing results.

Besides their unwanted appearance, skin tags are not accompanied by symptoms generally However, if they get hurt or accidentally broken they can become infected and bleed. This is especially true with eyelid skin tags, and the very fact that the eyes are constantly blinking and this can cause possible irritation and rubbing eyes often complicate the problem! In addition, the rubbing of the eyes, for example, when removing make up, can cause issues, as mentioned above.

If you have multiple skin tags around the eyes then we advise you to seek help from your own GP to see what help is available through NHS but failing that you can always contact Renew Skin and Health Clinic to be seen and assessed by one of our expert clinicians. Our doctors will be able to provide you with the best form of treatment for your specific case of eyelid skin tags.

The price for our treatment for eyelid skin tags vary from case to case depending upon severity. The complete treatment includes a specialized consultation (which would usually carry its own charge) and a biopsy, if necessary to rule out the possibility of any cancerous growths. Furthermore, the treatment is generally not performed on same day and it has to be planned. If you are travelling by car then we advice you to bring someone along who can drive you home safely! There is only one day of driving restriction!

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