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What are Fordyce Spots?

Fordyce spots are the sebaceous glands that are responsible for lubricating the hair follicles but they don’t have hair. They appear in different areas of our body such as the lips (mainly the upper lips), scrotum and shaft of the penis in men, and labia minora in women. It is considered a common problem and they do not necessarily need any form of intervention unless it is affecting one’s day to day life especially their psychology and self-esteem. The treatment of this condition is not widely available across the globe and only a handful of centers across the world offer their treatment. They appear as yellowish white spots on the upper lip and as previously mentioned, they do not necessarily require treatment. They are generally very hard to treat but certain modern lasers may help to improve the condition. One may however need repeated treatment sessions to see visible improvements. 

As these spots are simply sebaceous glands with no hair follicles, it means they can be generally left alone, so long as they are not accompanied by itching, bleeding or the appearance of new spots. These spots can be mistakenly identified as pearly penile papules (PPP) or as a Sexual Transmitted Infection (STI) if they appear on the genitals. Fordyce spots tend to affect the psyche of an individual due to their appalling appearance. In such a case, treatment of these spots may be a suitable option.

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