Scrotal cysts are benign painless, firm to hard swellings which often presents as multiple swellings and are found arising within the scrotal skin, which is non-tender These in medical terms are epidermal cysts of the scrotum. The treatment of this condition is surgical excision. The excised tissues are often are sent for biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. If the is very severe then one may need a more radical treatment in which case the entire diseased skin of the scrotum is excised, and the wound is repaired with multiple stitches by a procedure known as scrotoplasty. These epidermal cysts are completely harmless with no risk of malignancies whatsoever. Their presence causes great difficulty in the self-esteem to the sufferers. And this is why they seek help for their cure.

These epidermal cysts can also occur on other hair-bearing areas such as beard area, scalp, neck and trunk other than over the scrotal skin. Another scrotal condition which is also benign and affects scrotal skin is called idiopathic scrotal calcinosis. They are also painless and can present as solitary painless swelling on the scrotal skin and if in doubt its diagnosis is often confirmed by biopsy.

We at Renew Skin and Health clinic in Leamington Spa offers consultation and treatment of this condition. We can remove a few simple scrotal cysts under local anaesthetic but for severe the disease we encourage you to seek the help of your own GP to get it treated at your local NHS or private Hospitals.

Complications following these procedures is rare but there is always a possibility of wound infection, delayed wound healing, scar formation, recurrence of the cyst and a keloid formation. The doctor at the consultation will discuss these in detail with you. We attract clients from all nearby cities such as Coventry, Leicester, Birmingham, Oxford, Northampton etc.

If you have this condition and exploring to get help then, please contact us by ringing our clinic on call skin specialist uk 01926 422 454 to get booked in for an initial consultation with our doctor. Please be aware that there is a consultation fee of £100 to pay for this service at Renew Skin and Health Clinic.