What is a keloid?

Keloids are an overgrowth of scars, which simply do not know when to stop. A keloid is often referred to as a Keloid scar. Their visual appearance is a tough and heaped-up scar, notably raised above the rest of the skin. Generally they have a smooth exterior, and may often appear pinkish or purple or even darker. Keloids are uneven and rough and they tend to grow progressively over time. Keloids may actually get worse over time, compared to normal scar tissue, which generally regresses or improves, over time. The keloids can cause a lot of mental anxiety for the sufferers. These unwanted visitors may grow of their own accord, or following even minimal trauma including scratching of the skin. 

Growth of Keloid

The growth of a keloid can often be uncontrollable and may keep growing without stopping. Sufferers of Keloid growths may frequently experience itching and pain particularly on the chest, shoulders, earlobes, back of the head, scalp and the upper back. A common mistake amongst individuals is to mistake Keloids for hypertrophic scars. The benchmark in terms of treatment for Keloid growths are usually steroid injections, however, these are not always the most effective form of treatment. 

If you have keloids or hypertrophic scars that you may be worried about then you should seek help with your local doctors or hospitals but if you do not get help and support locally then you may contact Renew Skin and Health Clinic in Leamington Spa (18 Guy St. CV32 4RT) on call skin specialist uk 01926 422 454. Our lines are open from 9AM to 9PM. We have clients regularly coming to us form various parts of UK such as Birmingham, Coventry, Worcester, Oxford, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Leicester, Nottingham, London, Northampton, Luton, Bedford and so many other places to have their keloids treated by us. At Renew Skin and Health Clinic there is a consultations fees of £100 and treatment costs generally vary from £250-500 per treatment depending upon the severity of the problem.

Dr Jha has extensive experience in treating these keloids or Hypertrophic Scars in his private clinic, using a few tried and tested methods. We recommend you to have one treatment every 1-3 month until the point when one is happy with the outcome achieved. Success rate is variable and the success rate varies between 50-75% and therefore there is no guaranteed cure on Keloids.