Milia is also known as Milium and these are small cysts with the appearance of a white bump, typically appearing on the nose and cheeks. The cysts often form in groups, and multiple cysts are known as Milia. They are dome-shaped bumps usually white or yellow. They do not usually cause itching symptoms or pain, but they can be a source of discomfort. For example, rough bedsheets or clothing can aggravate Milia and cause irritations. As mentioned briefly above, the cysts are typically found on the face, lips, upper eyelids and cheeks, but they can also be found on other parts of the body like the torso or genitals. 

The reason for the occurrence of Milia is when Keratin, which is a protein usually found in hair and nail cells and also skin tissues, becomes trapped under the skin. It can occur in people of any age male or female, but is most common in new-born babies. Furthermore, the cause in new-borns differ from those in adults and children, and actually for new-borns it is unknown, despite it commonly being confused for baby acne, which occurs due to hormones from the mother. However, unlike baby acne, milia do not cause any inflammation or swelling. Those new-borns who have Milia are born with it, whereas baby acne appears around 2-4 weeks after birth. With regards to older children and adults, it can occur due to things like blisters, burns, trauma to the skin and long term exposure to sun.

The treatment options for Milia vary and are often dependent on the type of Milia you have and also how it occurred. They are not usually something one needs to worry about treating, however, if they are causing physical symptoms like pain, itchiness/ swelling and if they are also affecting ones self-confidence, then it may be wise to seek help locally via your GP or an experienced dermatologist. This is to ensure that your Cysts are not actually something far worse than initially suspected; and it is always best to get an expert opinion. 

If you suffer from this condition, we would advise you to seek help locally via your local GP or a dermatologist. However, should you not succeed in this matter and wish for alternative approach, you can always contact Renew Skin & Health Clinic, located on 18 Guy Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 4RT. You can also contact us directly on call skin specialist uk 01926 422 454, and our lines are open from 9AM to 9PM. Please be aware that there are consultation fees of £100.00 and the precise cost of the treatment will be discussed at this consultation, based on one’s individual case.