These are fairly common in dark skinned male adults but they can also be seen in Caucasians. They are generally painless bumps on the scrotal skin and can occur as multiple firm swellings, size of which may vary between few mm to 1 cm in diameter.

These are completely harmless and they do not have to be removed unless it is causing serious psychological concerns to the sufferers!

At Renew Skin and Health Clinic we remove them painlessly under local anaesthesia as a day case procedure. Up to 3-4 such lesions can be removed at one time. If they are very severe then a scrotoplasty procedure is generally recommended, in which case the diseased part of the scrotal skin is excised by the surgeon under anaesthesia. Milder form of this condition is generally treated by cyst excision.  This procedure is generally scarless and complications related to the procedure are rare and those are: primary/ secondary haemorrhage. Primary haemorrhage is generally seen within 24 hours where as secondary haemorrhage can occur upto two weeks following the surgery. The latter relates to wound infection. Other complications are wound infection, delayed wound healing and sometimes scar formation, all of which are rare occurrences !