Treatment Price
Xanthelasma Removal from £350 per lesion
Verruca Removal with PDL from £75
Verruca Removal with Ablative Laser from £350
Sebaceous Hyperplasia from £100 per lesion
Genital Warts with ablative laser from £300
Skin Tag Removal from £50 (face not included)
Wart Removal (laser) from £350
Electro-Surgery for Moles (face) from £250 + Biopsy (£150)
Radio-Surgery (Electrosurgery) for Moles (body/trunk/limbs) from £200
Red Mole Removal
(Cherry Angioma)
from £150 per mole
Thread Vein Removal (per session with veinwave) from £200
Eyelid Skin Tag from £250 +Biopsy may be required
Birthmark (Port Wine Stains) with PDL from £300/session

**PDL= Pulsed Dye Laser

Other blemishes removal which are not listed here- Price will be given at consultation.

***Did you know you can also WhatsApp images of your skin blemishes to our on-call doctor services & discuss any problem and He/She (Dr Nisha or Dr Jha) will revert back to you soon.