SPIDER NAEVI (also known as Spider Angiomas) are common skin blemishes which are essentially a collection of fine blood-vessels which appear red in colour and presents as web-like radiating from a central feeding arteriole on the surface of the skin. They are caused by remote injuries in the past, including sun exposure and the hormonal changes that occur, particularly in ladies. Sometimes, they are associated with chronic liver diseases, in which case such blemishes are multiple number, and often distributed on the upper torso, including the chest wall. 

If you have such blemishes and you are not sure what they are, then do seek expert advice from your own doctors. Having said that, such blemishes are not treatable under the NHS and one may have to seek the help of their local cosmetic clinics who have the experience and skills to treat this condition. 

If you have this condition, you will note that this is a compressible blood vessel disease, which often disappears upon the application of local pressure for a few seconds, but reappears within seconds. This confirms the presence of Spider Angioma. These are commonly seen on the nose, cheeks, and temples.  But, the good thing is that they are a fully treatable condition. They are generally harmless and they do not necessarily require treatment, but if it bothers and affects one’s mental wellbeing, then one may wish to seek help from an experienced clinician. 

Diagnosis of this condition is invariably a clinical examination by an expert but the method of treatment may vary from laser treatment to use of other devices. Please be aware that there is a high recurrence rate of this condition, following treatment, and one may need repeated treatments. 

We frequently see patients from various cities including Coventry, Birmingham, Leicester, Northampton, Wolverhampton, Gloucester, Worcester, Cheltenham, Oxford, and Banbury. 

The following videos will show you that we deal with this condition regularly. Please see below: