I attended the clinic recently and found the staff very friendly and professional. Dr Jha was excellent during both my treatment and the after care. He is very easily contactable and I thoroughly recommend the clinic.

Alan Ward

Had a mole removed and am very happy so far with the results. All the staff are very friendly and reassuring. Would definitely recommend to friends and family would also return for other treatments

Sophie Marie

I was treated for a venous lake on my lip. The procedure took less than a minute using some very high tech gadgetry and the results were excellent.As others have mentioned the after care service is excellent.Highly recommended

John Wood

I was very happy with the service I received from Dr Jha and his staff very friendly and professional.

Parm Gill

Dr Jha and his team provide a top service which is so very professional.

Tom Beyer

Fantastic service, very helpful and attentive to needs. I had PPP treatment, completely painless and quick.

Rob Smith

I had a laser treatment done for the removal of mole in my nose. Dr Jha and the team’s professionalism is second to none. The procedure was done with perfection and the service and care provided by Dr Jha after the procedure is complete is fantastic. The personal care and attention to details provided after weeks of treatment is really impressive.

Sachin Shrestha

I had a laser hair removal at this clinic and I am very pleased with the result. It’s just amazing. Very experienced, professional and friendly Laser therapist and staff at Renew. They welcome you with warm gesture and makes you feel at home. I also saw very advanced laser machine there and came to know that they offer a number of treatment there including hair transplant. Definately would recommend this clinic to everyone according to their need.

Nisha Jha

I would like to share an amazing experience that I nearly can not believe within short span of time my facial age spot was removed so precisely by a fine hand of Dr Jha and the result after 10 days was great and par excellence. I am more than satisfied with the work done by him and his staff which leads me to recommend all to get the service from Renew Skin and Health Laser Clinic and be free from these spots. You will easily see the difference in both pictures.

Subhash Shrestha

Had an extremely good welcome by all staff obviously feeling a little nervous but made to feel comfortable.Constant attention to make sure I was at ease and I was. A definite confidence booster all the way.
Totally pleased with results of treatment forXthelasma around eyes.Excellent!

TONI Clark

I had treatment for Angiokeratoma by Radiosurgery.
Dr Jha was very professional and sympathetic regarding my treatment. He also provides an excellent after care service, and is easily contactable.
I had three treatments and a test patch.

Clive Jones

Had my hair transplant done here. I was nervous coming in as I didn’t know what to expect, but they made me feel very welcome and looked after me while I was there for my 6/7 hour surgery. They even treated me to lunch, I know it’s only minor, but the little things count these days.

Luke West

I was lucky to contact Dr. Jha regarding my multiple seborrhoeic keratosis around my neck and upper torso. It was quite unplesant and bothersome to have this condition esp the fact i like to go swiming in plblic places and it was affecting my confidence . Dr. Jha saw me immediately and upon my special request and got it removed in the clinic there and then although i m aware he generally insists upon having at least two weeks of cooling off period. The procedure was swift and indeed painless . Dr. Jha and his team dealt everything in a very professional and caring manner. I highly recommend him for all the skin and hair loss related issues. God bless !

Amit Amit

I came for FS treatment. I’ve suffered with this condition for several years and after failing to get any help through the NHS, I decided to go private. It took several treatments but my condition has improved a great deal, over 50% – 60%. It hasn’t completely gotten rid of my FS, but this isn’t possibility with my condition. After a long and informed discussion with Dr Jha, who was upfront and honest from the begining, going in depth with different treatment methods and the pros/cons O decided to go through with the treatments. Overall I’m great deal happier and confident, I would recommend this to people who have FS.

Amateur Traveller

Really delighted with the service and results provided by Renew during my recent hair transplant. The pre, during and post procedure service was second to none and provided me with instant access to my dedicated doctor to ask questions any time. During the months after the procedure, they even provided me with an additional treatment free of charge. If you are considering a transplant, my advice would be to just go for it and I would strongly recommend Renew to carry out the procedure.

Mark Richards

Treatment of skin xanthalasma around eye. Procedure of laser removal was very quick and all healed in less than 10 days. Very pleased with the results. Minimal scaring after laser treatment. So so pleased would recommend…. and the friendly and professional service. Dr Jha is there on hand for the after care felt a genuine being taken care of from beginning to end.

Ruth Bush

I have received excellent treatment at Renew Skin & Health Laser Clinic. The treatment was quick. The only discomfort I received was having the local anaesthetic, which is to be expected, but once anaesthetised, I felt nothing & was free to go about my daily business just avoiding baths & swimming for 10 days as I healed. The staff are all professional, amenable & courteous & I would recommend the clinic to anyone needing skin blemish treatment.

Nikki Radvanyi

Felt very safe in the hands of the knowledgable dr jha. Excellent facilities, helpful and friendly staff. Dr jha always made himself available for any questions or queries and followed up with regular checks. Would definitely use him again.

Oli Scott

Very friendly and informative, very happy with the results. Would definitely recommend.

Jacob Arnold

Very professional service with amazing outcomesoutcomes for longstanding patches on face. Very flexible with appointments. Thank you so much to the team and above all Dr Jha

Anand Rischie

Dr jha was welcoming and the staff was friendly too, happy with results well recommend

Darryl Curtis

I have been a patient of the clinic and Dr Jha for the past year and have had PRP treatment for hair loss which has made a huge difference to me and my confidence.
Dr Jha is very knowledgeable in the field and being in a similar profession I can tell that he has kept up to date with the most current scientific literature and data available on all the treatments that he undertakes. That knowledge compounded by his pleasant mannerism makes him an excellent clinician and a joy to be treated by.
Dr Jha also has an amazing support team. His front desk is always accommodating and very professional. His surgical assistant Sahana is very pleasant and a charming lady and puts you at ease whilst undergoing the treatment.
In essence, Dr. Jha is a excellent clinician that I would strongly recommend for a number of minor surgical procedures and hair loss issues. I just have one last message for Dr. Jha… ‘Thank you’

Joe Bhat

After phoning Renew Clinic for a consultation I received a phone call back from Dr Jah within 15 minutes, who was extremely pleasent, polite and respectful towards me and gave me realistic, honest advice and guidence. His explanations of the process of pre and post operative care were easy to understand so I knew exactly what to expect and what results I would see. This gave me great confidenc not only in Renew Clinic but in Dr Jah himself who would be performing my proceedure and this firmly made my mind up to choose Renew Clinic in Leamington Spa. Upon my arrival I was greeted with a very relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff which helped put any nerves quickly at ease. Not only delighted with my proceedure of a skin problem I was aslo happy with the follow up care as Dr Jah gave me his number to get in touch with any questions I may have following the proceedure, this I though was excellent as it showed patient care was a priority to the team at Renew Clinic and Dr Jah! I have been so pleased with not only my results but the treatment pre and post operative care I received and have since enquired about other proceedures I would like doing.

I hold Renew Clinic in very high regard and recommend them to anyone☺

Daniel Hodgson

I normally live in Scotlandi had some skin issues well over several months ago and i could not find a place reliable enough to have consultation and treatment.I searched online and found this clinic and I had to travel all the way from Glasgow to Leamington Spa. After coming here i had a consultation with Dr Jhaand started my treatment immediately. I was impressed with state of art equipment they had. Also the best factor was for me was how quickly my treatment was organised. In Glasgow I found the private clinic doctors very fussy about when they could do a treatment.
During the consultation with Dr Jha he noticed I hadsevere scalp thinning and this was very very stressful for me. Dr Jha suggested, although there is no guarantee i should try PRP treatment. I had 5 to 6 sessions of this treatment but i am really happy with the outcome.
The staff are lovely and make you feel easy and relaxed during a treatment which helpsa great deal. So all in all it was been a great journey for one year with this clinic.

Huma Muneer

Polite, friendly and professional staff in a relaxed environment. Full details of my procedure were explained to me and the after care as well. Dr. Jha was very professional and nice and made sure I New I could contact him at any time. I would recommend this clinic.

Sean Harrison

Doctor JHA was outstanding very please with the surgery & treatmentExcellent service from all the members of Renew Clinic

Sharon Chibesa

I was very nervous when I first visited the renew clinic as I had no confidence and low self esteem about my body. I give this review with honesty and happiness.They have made me feel so welcome and all the staff have given me back my confidence.As for there treatment amazing.