Warts are virus related skin growths caused by Human Papilooma Viruses(HPV). They tend to infect those whose immunity is either compromised or is low for some reason or the other. Therefore most victims are children whose immunity is generally poor and hence occurrence of such unsightly skin issues are more common in this age group.A wart on the sole of the foot in medical terms are called plantar warts whereas in lay term they are commonly referred to as verucca. 

The warts can occur anywhere in the body including face and neck but if they occur in clusters in a young person who are sexually active, must consider a sexual health screening tests which are available free of charge in every cities in UK in local GU/GUM clinic or STD clinics. 

In most clinics a doctor can diagnose a viral wart with one of these ways: 

  1. Clinical Examination 
  2.  Scrapping of the top layer of the wart often cause pinpoint dots which are clotted blood vessels.
  3. Shaving of the top part of the wart and sending it for biopsy is by far the most reliable method of confirming an uncertain diagnosis of a viral wart. 


There are various ways in which these warts can be treated and commonly most people try home remedies and often fails to get rid of the warts. Sometimes people buy over the counter products but again fails to succeed. The commonest reason for such failure is often inconsistent treatment of the warts. Most over the counter helps by way of chemical ablation of the warts as most of these products contain acid. 

At most doctor’s surgery a cryo cautery is available but again one has to be consistently treated at a fixed regular interval to see improvement and or disappearance of these viral warts.  

At Renew skin and health clinic you will be examined by one of our doctors who have substantial experience in diagnosing and treating various types of warts. In the following video when you watch you will gather that there is a complete restoration of skin colour, texture and tone following our CO2 laser ablation treatment, however this method of treatment is not suitable for anybody who has Diabetes where such method of treatments can be catastrophic. Co2 laser vapourisation of warts generally take about an hour to complete the procedure and in the immediate post operative period of upto seven days you will have to be in rest at home and your foot raised higher than your hips to assist the healing process. But one of our doctors will go through finer details with you in the event you proceed for the treatment with us. 

At Renew skin and health clinic we also sometimes adopt our wart treatment specially Verucca treatment with another laser device called Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL) but one may have to attend a fair few times in order to get rid of the warts. 

If you are considering to have your warts/verucca treated then please contact us by calling call skin specialist uk 01926 422 454 (our line is open 9 am till 9 pm)

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